About Us

Our platform is unique in Europe and promotes Italian companies across the Middle Eastern markets and of all the European countries.

Our experience

Our idea comes from our long-standing experience within the import-export industry.

Indeed, we are committed since several years in the commercial intermediation between Italy and Arab countries, earning our client’s trust across all the Middle East: from the UAE to Lebanon, from Saudi Arabia to Jordan.

Digital trading

Our competences

The development of new technologies in the field of information and communications allows to reinvent the promoting models and to solve several problems in the commercial relationships between Italy and Arab countries.

By virtue of a team of experts in digital communication and contacts with the business community in the Arab world, to ensure affordable access to Italian companies a window beyond the European borders, in a thriving market which requires nevertheless expertise to be exploited.

Our contacts in the Middle East

Our visitors are companies and entrepreneurs, exporters and businessmen who, through our network of commercial intermediation are able to access directly to the informations of the companies published on our commercial window.

What do we offer