How it works

It’s simple, very simple !

An open window on the Arab world

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Our first step will be to make you visible on the Arab pages of MiddleastServices, on the web page of your industrial branch, with your logo, the name of the company and a direct link to your website.

All your websites published on the Arab page of MiddleastServices will be visited by commercial brokers and companies from the Arab countries, who are looking for partners in Italy in order to import products and services.

The corporate website

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Click on the picture to display the window and to open an example of page

Moreover, we offer you a dedicated page that will show, besides the name, logo and website of your company, a comprehensive description in Arabic of your activity, its products and services (approximately 1000 words), detailed contact information and a meaningful picture of your business.

You will decide the content of your description, by considering the key elements of your business. We will thoroughly translate it in Arabic and publish in order for it to be seen by the companies who are interested in buying your products or services.

Only for the first thousand members, we will offer the placement in the webpage of the appropriate product market and the translation of the business page in Arabic for only 200 euros (instead of 400 euros), for a whole year starting from the date of registration.
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