What do we offer

Besides offering an innovating window to promote your business in the Arab language, we organize business plans and commercial talks according to your request and needs.

Business con il Medio OrienteMiddle East Services will carry on the most adequate activity i order to offer you the best partnerships in the Arab countries.

We strongly believe that not everything has to begin and end with the meetings in expensive seasonal fairs or in targeted missions abroad, where the limited knowledge of language and culture may prove to be fatal for business.

On the other hand, Italian language isn’t unfortunately much used in the affairs world and international business. For that reason, the Italian industrial variety and its quality as a whole is still discriminated and underrepresented in the commercial scene of the Middle East, the Arab gulf and North Africa, which markets are continually evolving and improving at a steady rate.

In order to open new commercial scenarios to your businesses, we work on two strategic phases:

  • Big Business Picture (BBP)
  • Export Marshall Plan (EXMP)

Big Business Picture (BBP) aims to create a constant and visible presence for the commercial operators in the Arab countries, in their language and with a structured communication, specifically conceived for their commercial modes.
By joining our network and promoting your activity on our window, your entreprise and the “Made in Italy” from every branch will be visible and available at every moment in the professional memory of Arab operators. From a good contact comes a good business, and it will improve the possibility of partnerships and commercial exchanges on a long-terme basics.

Export Marshall Plan (EXMP) is the second step of our strategy. For us, it means to introduce you on the Arab markets and contribute to create new inspirations, ideas and projects in the local entrepreneurs, in order to establish long lasting partnerships and commercial bonds on solid foundations.

Our wish is to succeed to work together in favour of the interests of all, highlighting this innovant action in the area of mediation and promotion, a novelty across all Europe, aiming to communicate the “Made in Italy” beyond the european borders.

Do not hesitate !

Publish your activity on our website right away. Thousands of companies across the whole Middle East are searching for Italian entreprises who offer quality products and services for their customers.

How it works